The basics of body cleansing

Your body needs to continuously and effectively remove the waste it produces and substances it needs to get rid of. This natural cleansing process is performed by a group of organs working together, round the clock.

As our "hero", the liver takes good care of us by filtering and cleaning our blood.

Where nutrients are absorbed from food and solid waste is removed.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and may potentially play a role in removing certain substances from the body.

Work like a filter to purify the body.

Expert opinion

Expert opinion

"We've designed the Body Cleansing Program to help you support and strengthen your body's ability to cleanse itself1 from within, and to help you change your lifestyle in a beneficial and still enjoyable way, for you to feel healthier and happier, every day."

Hear from Dr. Francesco Avaldi, Nutrilite™ Nutrition Consultant, Master in Vegetarian Dietetics and Expert in Sports Nutrition.

1) Milk thistle helps the body cleanse itself.