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Signing-In to the new Website

How to sign in, which details to use – and what to do if you have forgotten them.

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Discover how ordering Amway products online gives you more choice and control than ever before.

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Registration / Signing in

How do website users who registered before Feb 3, 2020 sign in to the new website?
They simply enter their existing (old) username and password to sign in to the new website.
Do I need to keep my old login ID/username(s)?
YES, if you have registered with Amway before Feb 3, 2020, you will still need it to sign in to the new website.
Additionally, we are in the process of updating our websites and business apps - and rolling out the new technology globally. During the change-over period, if you have international business, you will need to use your previous Amway Online sign in details for the countries and previous apps (e.g. Kiosk) that have not yet been updated. At the end of the roll out, your new Amway ID digital identity will be the only login and username you will need for all your online Amway applications, in every country.
What is the new global Amway identity and Amway ID?
The new Amway identity will in time allow each user to use a single sign-on (Amway ID) and password for ALL Amway digital applications globally.
When signing in to the new website the username field is renamed “Amway ID”. Users who registered before February 3, 2020 type here their old username, while users who registered on the new website use the new Amway ID in the form of a unique email address.
After the transition to the new global identity, planned for a later stage, all users will have a new Amway ID username (a unique email address) and create a password with more strict rules. Following this stage each individual on the same ABO account will have their own Amway ID credentials, enabling the system to provide an improved, more personalized experience.
Why website users who registered before Feb 3, 2020 don't use new Amway ID credentials and global identity functionalities?
To enable existing users to become familiar with the new website and to reduce any possible interruptions to their business, the transition to the new Amway ID and global identity functionality will be completed at a later stage. With the launch of the new website existing users sign in with the same credentials as they did before.
Does the Amway ID replace my Amway ABO number?
NO. Your new Amway ID is simply your email address and does not replace your ABO numbers. You will have your Amway ID (email address) linked with ABO number.
How do prospects sign in to the new website?
They need first to register and then sign in with new Amway ID credentials (emaill address + password).

How do I register as an Amway Business Owner (ABO)?

1. On the Amway home page, click Register.
2. Select Register as an Amway Business Owner.
3. Enter your details in the online form.
4. Create a password and validate your email address.
5. Congratulations, you have just set up your Amway account!
6. You now have 30 days to complete your registration.
7. Simply fill out your Personal Details, upload your Documents and pay Registration Fee.
8. There is no need for you to e-sign the contractual documents during registration. Instead, you can simply accept Amway's contract terms with a tick of a box.
9. If you do not finalize the registration process within the first 30 days, your application will be automatically deleted.
10. Note: If a Customer wishes to upgrade to an ABO, they can upgrade their account online without having to re-register as an ABO.

How does a prospect register as a Customer?

There are two ways to register as a Customer:
1. On the home page.
Go to the home page and click the Register button in the top right hand corner. Choose the option to Become a customer, enter your details in the online form and follow the step-by-step process to create your account.
2. During checkout.
Add your chosen products to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. You will be asked to register as part of the checkout process.

What should I do if I've forgotten my Amway ID?

If you know your contact email address:
1. Click Sign In.
2. Click Forgot Amway ID.
3. Enter your ABO number, click Continue.
4. Enter you Contact email address, click Continue.
5. Go to your email account and locate the email from Amway which contains the reminder of your Amway ID.
6. Click Sign in to my account and sign in using your retrieved Amway ID.
If you do not know your contact email address but know your PIN:
1. Click Sign In.
2. Click Forgot Amway ID.
3. Enter your ABO number, click Continue.
4. Click I don’t know my contact email address.
5. Enter your PIN, click Continue.
6. Your Amway ID is displayed on the screen, click SIGN IN and sign in using your retrieved Amway ID.
You have 5 attempts at entering your PIN, after the fifth unsuccessful attempt you are advised to call Amway.

Why aren't my login details working?
From February 2020 you are using the new Amway website and you sign in using your username and password. You should not experience any issues but if you do firstly follow the process described in the answer above.

My account

How I can log in?
To sign in/log in to Amway Online you need to create and use an Amway ID. If you do not have an Amway ID, click Sign In in the top right hand corner of the home page and follow the instructions to create one.
What should I do if I've forgotten my password?
Please follow the steps below to create a new password 1. On the home page, click the Sign In” symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the new Amway ID page. 2. Click the Password Help link on the sign-in form 3. Enter your Amway ID (the email address you used when you last signed in). Complete the CAPTCHA check and click Submit. 4. Wait for an email to arrive in the account you provided on the form. 5. Open the email message and click the Reset My Password button. A form will open on a new internet page. 6. Enter a new password into the boxes and click Submit to reset your password Remember: Your new password must have at least 8 characters and contain one letter and one number. 7. Done! You will now be able to sign in with your new password. We will send an email message to notify you that the change was successful.
Can I change my physical address details?
Yes, you can! Our system allows you to allocate different addresses for billing, mailing and shipping. To edit these details simply sign in and select My Account. Then click on My Addresses to add, edit or remove information.
How do I change my Amway ID email?
1. Sign in to your account. 2. Navigate to the My Account page. 3. Click on Login and Security 4. Select Update e-mail or Password.. 5. You can edit your current email address or update your email address, using an address that is unique to you.


I am a Customer, can I order products online?
Yes, you can order our products directly online. You will need to register to complete an order. There are two ways to do this:
1. On the home page. Find the Register link in the top right hand corner and click the option to register as a Customer. Then follow the step-by-step process to create an account. 2. During checkout. Add your chosen products to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. You will be asked to register as part of the payment process.

Website navigation

I can't find the information I need on the page. What I should do?
You need to be signed in to your account to access the full range of information on the site. If you need more help finding information, use the search function at the top of the home page.
Where can I find product deals and promotions?
If you are signed in to your account, you can use the Top Deals button at the top of the home page to discover the latest offers and promotions.
How can I contact Customer services?
You can contact Customer services by:
E-mail: Telephone: +34 910 50 75 20

Delivery Options & “How to track your parcel”

Where can I receive my order?
It can be sent to a chosen address (home, work, etc. – never a PO Box) or it can be sent to another ABO directly, provided that you didn't choose COD payment. If you chose COD payment, the order only can be sent to your default address.
Can the delivery country/region be different from the purchase country/region?
No. The delivery country/region must always be the same country/region in which the purchase was made.
How long will my order take to arrive?

Spanish Mainland - order before 12:00 noon - Delivery Time 2 - 4 working days
Spanish Mainland - order after 12:00 noon - Delivery Time 3 - 5 working days 
Balearics - Delivery Time 5 working days 
Canarias - Delivery Time 10 - 15 working days
P.S. Your order will be handed over to our warehouse for processing as soon as your order is paid and confirmed. Please consider that when your order is part of a group order, the shipping process will only start when all orders are paid and confirmed. After you've received the order confirmation, this is the moment you can consider the above lead times.

How much do I pay for delivery service?
Please see the Delivery Fees table on the Delivery and Payment Options page
When will I be able to track my order?
After your order has been dispatched from our warehouse, you'll be able to see on Track & Trace that an electronic message has been received by SEUR.
How does parcel tracking work?
There are multiple option to track your order(s)/parcel(s): 1. You can look for your tracking number(s) in your order history overview. By clicking on the parcel number you’ll be directed to the SEUR tracking site. There you’ll find the most up to date status. 2. When you receive the Order Shipment confirmation by email, this will also contain the parcel number(s) and the direct link to the SEUR tracking site. 3. You’ll be notified by SEUR via email and/or SMS regarding status updates of your parcel(s).
Can I change the course of the delivery of my parcel(s)?
Yes, you are able to respond interactively regarding your delivery.
  • Change of suggested delivery date
  • Change of the delivery address
What is the Home Delivery process?
If you have chosen home delivery, we will send you an email confirming that your items have been dispatched (when your order leaves the warehouse), including a tracking number (with a link to the courier's web page) and finally the courier will send you a text message or email to inform you of your delivery. For delivery to your customer please consider the ‘Sent to customer process’ in the FAQs.
What is the "Sent to customer" process?
When using this delivery method, COD should not be selected by the distributor as the payment method, since there will be no invoice indicating the value of goods within the package. If you select COD for these orders, the order will be processed and shipped, but delivery will not be completed.
This option is only designed for Single Orders as Group Consolidated Orders (GCOs) are shipped to one address. It is a consideration for ABOs, however, that breaking GCOs down into Single Orders instead may incur additional delivery costs.
1. Select “Ship To Customer” delivery option at Amway Online
2. Select one of your customers from the list
3. The delivery address will already be populated but can be changed/updated
4. Goods will be delivered to the address you desire without an invoice in the box

Return Support

Is there a charge to return products?
No. Amway will pay the costs for the return. Via the installed process we'll arrange a pickup of your return via SEUR to collect the order.
How can I make a return?
Returning an order is straightforward 1. Sign in to your account and go to My Office 2. Go to the Order History page via My Orders 3. Find the order you want to return and click the Order Details link next to it 4. Click Return and follow the instructions
What will happen if I finally decide to keep the item?
If you finally decide to keep the item please cancel the return under Return Details. Your returns you find under the Order History and My Returns
When will I receive the refund for my return?
When you're order is being picked up it will take approximately 2-3 working days to reach the central SEUR hub. All Spanish returns are gathered here and every week on Friday these will be shipped back to our warehouse in The Netherlands.
In this process you can expect your refund between 5 and 10 working days.
Please note: Returns received and processed before the 26th of the month, will be included in the bonus overview of the current month. After that the adjustment will be included in the following month.
Where can I find my receipt/invoice?
Invoices are attached to your shipping confirmation emails. You can also download PDF versions of your invoices from Orders Details which you can access via your My Office. Remember that My Office is available after sign in.