Our Brazilian farm is located in Ubajara. Here we organically grow acerola cherries.* To find the most effective varieties for you, more than 80 types of acerola cherries are cultivated. That’s 95% of all known types!

Our employees and their families form the backbone of the acerola cherry farm. We established social programmes that address their needs and allow us to be a valuable part of the community. All Nutrilite-owned farms are certified organic under the US law.


More than 127,000 acerola cherry trees grow in the Ubajara fields, using organic and sustainable farming methods.* That many trees need a lot of compost. Luckily, nature is on our side. We use liquid biofertilizer that contains a large population of beneficial microorganisms. This contributes to crop growth as it improves soil health and sustains soil fertility.


The safety of our customers is at our core. We research and analyse all factors that can influence our crops, from seed to harvest. The conditions of the soil, water and air are carefully documented and mapped to ensure that the plants will be rich in key ingredients and full of nutrients. This is also how we developed our irrigation system, by studying the best irrigation for acerola cherry. Water is a precious resource; it’s important to conserve as much of it as possible. High-tech systems are deployed to control the moisture levels and the watering of our fields. This allows us to grow acerola crops that produce more fruit with as little water as possible.


Timing is everything when it comes to quality ingredients. For the most effective supplements, we harvest plants when they’re the most nutrient-rich. For acerola cherries, that means harvesting when they are unripe and green. That’s when their vitamin C levels are at their peak... far greater than any orange.

Highly important to us is the wellbeing of the people in the community, of which our employees are active members. Spurred on by the success of other global programs and by our Ubajara employees, we adopted three public schools in the area.

We are involved in a number of initiatives that have so far supported over 800 students. Among others, we provide professionals who test the children’s vision, and we give financial aid to those who need glasses. We also make sure that the students have a well-rounded learning environment. We donated computers, set up a music room and provided sports equipment. We also helped set up a special space to foster learning through interaction with nature where children can learn about permaculture.


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