For plants that grow better in other climates, we search the globe to find optimal conditions where they can thrive. We visit our partner farms in person to ensure adherence to sustainable farming practices.


Our partner farms only use the highest quality seeds that are certified to be non-GMO. For growing the plants, ecologically sustainable methods are used to control harmful weeds, insects and predators. That means that they cultivate plants without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides.


The safety of our products is our highest priority. Our partner farms engage in our exclusive NutriCert™ agricultural certification program to ensure that they meet our high- quality standards.


We want to give our plants the right environment to thrive so that they are rich in nutrients. That’s why we, as well as our suppliers, believe in sustainable farming methods, which are thought to generate strong, healthy plants.


Becky Spradley, the program manager of the NutriCert™ program

“We set the bar very high. I love that I get to make sure that the quality from our partner farms is the same that we have on our own Nutrilite™ farms.”

“Take care of the land. Take care of the people,” is our philosophy, which naturally extends to our partner farms. We want to create a healthy social environment for workers and the farming community. Our partner farms collectively employ thousands of workers, helping to support their local economies. To ensure that these partner farms follow our strict safety regulations and fair labour practices and meet our relentlessly high-quality standards, we engage them in the comprehensive NutriCert™ certification program. Adherence to traceability, ecologically sustainable farming methods, and social responsibility are its core tenets. What’s good for nature is also good for people.


Trout Lake West,
Washington, USA

Trout Lake East,
Washington, USA

Ubajara, Brazil

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