Our Nutrilite™ Trout Lake West Farm in the U.S. is sitting in Washington’s Cascade Mountains at the foot of the inactive volcano of Mount Adams. Thanks to that, the soil on Trout Lake Farm West is rich with organic matter. Many different botanicals are organically grown there, including blueberry, dandelion, echinacea, lemon balm and valerian. All Nutrilite-owned farms are certified organic under the US law.


Our farmland is certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture and surrounded by over 11 square km of organic farms. Far away from the pollution of industrialized areas, our plants grow in perfect conditions, thriving in rich soil and clean air.

Thanks to the close proximity of the volcano, our soil is high in organic matter. And we intend to keep it this way! We practice regular crop rotation in our fields to replenish nutrients in the soil. Another benefit is that this prevents a build-up of weeds. Controlling weeds helps plants grow healthy and strong. We use manual methods and modern equipment such as GPS-controlled tractors that enable us to precisely yank the weeds around the planted botanicals. In addition, during the peak of the growing season, we pull weeds by hand.


As on all farms, we only use the highest quality seeds that are certified to be non-GMO. For growing the plant, we use sustainable farming practices prohibiting the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. Instead, we use natural methods while caring for the plant throughout its life-cycle. It all starts with planting the seed in rich soil and continues with protecting it during growth, so that when it’s time for harvest, the plant is nutrient-rich. We also have some friendly helpers: professionally trained falcons and a large natural population of ladybugs who do an excellent job with pest control.


We harvest the plants when they are at their peak in nutrients. However, once botanicals are picked, their nutrient levels start to decline. To preserve the nutrients, drying the plants quickly is crucial. We use modern equipment to keep drying time to a minimum. The temperature used for drying is also important. Each botanical has its own tolerance level for heat before its active ingredients begin to lose their effectiveness. So we vary the temperature we use according to the botanical we’re processing. The maximum temperature we use is 54 degrees Celsius. All these efforts are aimed at bringing you effective products rich in phytonutrients and high-quality ingredients from our carefully selected and cultivated plants.


Danielle Hawkins, farm manager at the Nutrilite™ Trout Lake West Farm

“Sustainability doesn’t just focus on the environment. It focuses on investing in your people, bringing them up in their position.”

We contribute to education and support local schools from the area of Trout Lake Farms. We help fund scholarships for local students and donate organic produce to the school’s food program.


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