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Welcome to my page. In this last season I have sensitized me a lot with Collaborative Economics and Sustainability of the world in which we live, as the economy has changed, like the way we relate to others.

Within the Collaborative Economics, I discovered a way of Entrepreneurship without investment, you can expand internationally (105 countries), forming others. Everything related to Network Marketing, Collaborative Economics, Leadership, Environment and Personal Growth. It's like riding a branch of a company Online or necessities basic commodities, with leading brands, exclusive, with high quality, high concentration, high performance and Trend in the areas of Health / Water / Nutrition, Beauty / Home & Personal Care, with a satisfaction guarantee 90 days.

Our work aims clear support for the sustainability of a greener planet, to protect the environment, to the water we drink all of us to be healthy, to the products around us give us quality of life and allow us to live with greater welfare and health, and that this is easy, affordable and technologically online. It is for this reason that our work is the first step to achieve our dreams, because like Amway works every day to help people live a better life, we will collaborate to raise awareness and educate people and business to Balancing your emotions and health of their bodies makes them happier and so together we can transform our lives.

You can find a wide range of products and a business that will help you transform your life and if I you contact, I can answer questions or provide information on how to carry out the opportunity of your own business for TIME FREEDOM and FINANCIAL FREEDOM .

Thank you.

Cruz Álvarez /en/user/unicidad Telf: +34 658 36 63 23
Speaking expert, Family Integral Training and Communication.
Motivation and Leadership Consultant
Economics and Network Marketing Consultant .

Pasqual Nova Martínez
Telf: + 34 666 42 00 04
Expert in Applied Communication, Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence.
Counselor at Collaborative Economics, Network Marketing and Relationship Marketing.
Consultant in New Technologies and Procurement.
Technical industrial engineer.

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