Explore the 9-steps of the seed-to-supplement journey to learn how we ensure that Nutrilite™ Vitamin C Plus is PURE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE:


Nutrilite™ Vitamin C Plus contains acerola cherries, which are known for their high natural concentrations of vitamin C and rich phytonutrients.


Acerola cherries are grown from planting stock rather than seeds, which means we use hand-cut twigs from healthy plants to sprout new ones.


Located just 3° south of the equator, our Brazil farm is ideal for growing acerola cherries. Hot and humid, temperatures hover around 26° C with an annual precipitation of 119-157 cm.


We‘re meticulous about how we monitor this botanical. We observe the acerola all year round – from bud to bloom to fruit – and we’re ready to harvest when they reach high nutritional value.


We harvest the acerola cherries when they are still green to capture the highest possible Vitamin C content. Immediately after harvest, the acerola is either processed or frozen. Speed is key in preserving peak nutrients.


The extraction process, which happens right on the farm to help avoid contamination, begins by pressing the fruit. We add a little water to ensure that we capture all of the juice, which is where most of the phytonutrients are found. This is similar to how other juices – like apple, cherry or cranberry – are made. The acerola juice is then turned into powder, which is used to make the tablets.


We ensure that Nutrilite™ Vitamin C Plus contains the right level of nutrients. Our product formula does not contain any artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives.

We always put safety first. We test to ensure the presence of good things and the absence of bad things. Our products are tested for contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, foreign material, irradiation, and microbes, amongst others.


Nutrilite™ Vitamin C Plus is available in a bottle as a one-month supply of 30 tablets and as a family size of 180 tablets.

The bottle is designed to preserve the nutrients and to protect the tablets from damage during transport. How do we know that the packaging is reliable? We subject it to extreme conditions – shaking, squeezing, and twisting, amongst others. That‘s how we know it can handle anything it faces between our door and yours.

Production and packaging details are linked to each Nutrilite™ Vitamin C Plus product shipped, allowing us to react quickly to customer inquiries.

9. YOU

Outdoor air pollution, colleagues coughing all over the office – staying fit and well these days is a never-ending battle! Sometimes, you want to boost your immunity and ensure that your body’s natural defences are up.

With you in mind, the Nutrilite™ brand created Vitamin C Plus. Our seed-to-supplement process ensures that our products are pure, safe and effective. We stand behind our food supplements.

If you’re not satisfied with a Nutrilite™ product, you will receive a full refund in accordance with the Amway Satisfaction Guarantee.

For the terms and conditions of the Amway Satisfaction Warranty click here.



For us, transparency means sharing the core of what we do with our consumers. We believe it’s your right to know that food safety risks are real. We are dedicated to providing pure, safe and effective products that you can trust. Join us in the journey from seed to supplement and trace each step of the process for a Nutrilite™ product.
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For our food supplements, we use pure, nutrient-rich plants from certified non-GMO seeds that are grown using sustainable farming principles without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides.
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We show you the steps we take to ensure that our food supplements are pure, safe and effective.
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